Zsigmond is Snow and Jerry's kind, yet feisty Zorua pup. He enjoys the circus and dislikes public displays of

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affection. His best friend is Princess Ava, and his surrogate little sister is Ming Ming.

Princess Ava Edit

Zsigmond shows up unexpectedly in a younger Princess Ava's room one night, but instead of being afraid, the kitten asks if he wants to play with her. He says yes, and they play tag and board games for a few hours until his parents find him and tell him it's time to let the princess get some sleep. Zsigmond and Ava say their goodbyes, but not before she makes him promise to come back every night. He hasn't broken that promise and swears he never will.

Ming Ming Edit

Zsigmond considers Ming Ming a pest at first, but warms up to her later, even going so far as to take on the role of surrogate big brother. He spends a lot of his free time talking Ming Ming through her problems and keeping her out of trouble with the Royal Guards.

Character Profile Edit

  • Affiliation: Good
  • Home: His palace
  • Goal: To help Lili and Ming Ming
  • Allies: Everybody in Pocketville
  • Enemies: Poketville villains
  • Likes: Lili, power, riches, dancing to his theme song, and being the center of attention
  • Dislikes: Waterfalls, scorpions, jaguars, bats, and Toon Sky
  • Quote: "No touchy!"; "Booyah!"; "It's all about me!"