This is the club that protects Pocketville and all the other places some other members live in from danger. They are a team of superheroes working to make peace and stop the villians from conquering Pocketville.


  • Kristijan/The Fantastic Voyager - The leader of the group. He possesses all powers from flying to extra strength and warp speed. Some of his notable powers are the Disks of Energy,the Ray of the Federation, the Fire Bomb and the Justice Bomb.
  • Panda/Pandius – Fantastic Voyager's sidekick. He can kick the supervillains with his cannonball power or a headbutt or its double.
  • Shirley/Telekinetic Sorceress – She has the enourmous power to shoot telekinetic rays at her enemies and can become Poisonous, a superhero loon who uses toxic powers.
  • Kate/Hyper Kate - She is extremely fast, able to reach warp 5 within 7 seconds. She is extremely fast and sometimes she feeds off of the others powers so she can have them all,but the other heroes still possess their original powers.
  • Liam X/Ice Liam X – He is an icy superhero ready to freeze his enemies. He always talks like he's shivering uncontrollably, but he is perfectly fine.
  • Ezzy X/Fire Ezzy X – He shoots out fireballs to melt his enemies.
  • Skippy/Spiked Skippy – He launches spikes and creates spikestrips that hurt his enemies, giving the other members an advantage to defeat them.
  • Sally/Eco-Acorn – She is an eco-friendly superhero,capable of weapons such as acorn grenades,treetrap and melon armor.


  • Vito Reščić/Professor Cute Scam - The main villian. He uses his cuteness powers or scamming to neutralize most of the Justice Club members. His arch enemy is the Fantastic Voyager.
  • Klara and Agnes/The Cutes - Professor Cute Scam's henchwomen. They use their cuteness powers mostly against Pandius and the Telekinetic Sorceress.
  • Eva/The Crossbone Kitty - A feared villain who mostly interacts against Hyper Kate and Ice Liam X.A hint to the "crossbones" in her name is that she uses crossbones as her weapons.
  • Zull and Gort/Skull Maulers - The henchmen of the Crossbone Kitty. They are called the Skull Maulers because they have an enormous power to break someone's skull.
  • The Mades from Pocketville - Molly, Onna, Demma, Nonny, Goby and Gil are the evil maids that came to Pocketville, doing anything to "make this Pocketville better."
  • Santi X/Unknown - It's unknown what Santi's supervillain form really is.