Scar, formerly known as Prince Taka, is one of the main antagonists of "Puppy in My Pocket." He is the son of King


Ahadi of Pocketville, Magic's younger brother, and Juno's uncle

Appearance Edit

Scar has sleek, dusty-black fur and distinctive red eyes. He has large paws with long, curving black claws and a long, thin scar over his left eye (the origin of his nickname). He is usually elegant and poised, but depending on his mood, can also appear unkempt and feral.

History Edit

When Scar was younger, it was no secret that he resented his big brother, Prince Magic, because he was first in line for the throne and possessed such amazing brute strength. This hatred only grew when his nephew, Prince Juno, was born, as it ruined any chance he had of ever becoming Prince of Pocketville.

After Magic falls ill and dies, Scar usurps the throne and outlaws any utterance of Magic's name, especially in a favorable light. This newfound power only worsens his overall demeanor, however, so much so that he deludes himself into thinking he's a better pup than his brother ever was, despite stacked evidence to the contrary.

As for Prince Juno, he is still too young to fully comprehend his uncle's treachery. He finds his uncle strange and a little creepy, but still likes him regardless. Scar is often sarcastic with him and has to fight hard to keep his loathing in check.

Character Profile Edit

  • Affiliation: Evil
  • Home: Pocketville
  • Relatives: King Ahadi (dad), Queen Vix (mom), Queen Mela (sister-in-law), Princess Ava and Eva (sisters-in-law), Prince Magic (big brother), Princess Maggie (sister), Prince Twistle (nephew), and Prince Juno (nephew)
  • Goal: To be the undisputed King of Pocketville
  • Allies: Eva, Don, Zull, and Gort
  • Enemies: Magic, Mela, Willis, Milo, Eve, Prince Alex, the Royal Guards, Ava, Maggie, Twistle, and Juno
  • Likes: Food, Eva
  • Dislikes: Magic and Mela being happy, Twistle
  • Weapons/Notable Attributes: Teeth, claws, speed, and hunting
  • Quotation: "I'm surrounded by idiots..."

Relationships Edit

  • Parents

Scar's parents loved him from the moment he was born. As a child, he often played around his father's throne, which King Ahadi promised would one day be his. But as Scar grew older, gross ambition began to fester in his heart, and he became obsessed with the destructive potential of his family's fireworks. His worried parents turned to their Court Soothsayer and Scar's nursemaid for advice, but they didn't get the answer they wanted. The pup prophesied that Scar would become the definition of self-destruction if he continued with his dark pursuits and would eventually be defeated by his youngest nephew, Prince Juno.