Moshe is the older brother of Liliana.Moshe was born only a short while before Janja's death, and, although he only knew his father for a very short period of his life, it is clear that Moshe was quite close to Janja , crying for "dada" after Janja died.

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Young PupEdit

Moshe is usually quiet and shy, although he is quite close to his brother. He is  very smart, for a Pup his age. She appearse to listen to everything that His mom says.

Older Pup/Early TeenEdit

As an older pup (almost a teenager), Moshe is shown to have become very loyal and a bit dependant on Mom, crying for her whenever he is in need of help (such as when Cookie is teasing him about being small than average). In spite of this, Moshe still disobeys her if it fits his needs (such as when he'd prefer to play, than to go home).

As an Adult

Moshe is strongly loyal to his family 


Twilight Gem"Must you follow your father in law everywhere?" 

Moshe"Sure! There's a lot I have to learn if I'm gonna be king someday!"

Twilight Gem"Like hunting for your own supper?"

Moshe"Hunting? That's girl stuff!"

Twilight Gem"Sorry, Your Majesty!"

Friends of MosheEdit

  • Cookie Dough is a lion cub and Moshe's best friend
  • Squeeky Pinkee is a Red fox
  • Butter Cream is a Grey fox
  • Twilight Gem is a Pegasus  
  • Sky Knight is a pegasus and Twilight gem's older brother