Dogo Argentino is Misty's little sister and one of Lili's

Royal Guards.

Character ProfileEdit

  • Breed: Dogo Argentino
  • Personality: Attention-seeking, funny, and sarcastic.
  • Affiliation: Bad, then good
  • Home: Pocketville
  • Relatives: Scar (father), Eva (mother), Misty (big sister), and Peaches (sister)
  • Allies: Eva, Scar, Don, Zull, Gort, and Willis
  • Enemies: Ava, Princess Tiny, Royal Dog clan, and Willis (briefly)
  • Goals: To get her mother's attention
  • Likes: Pleasing her mother, Toon Sky
  • Dislikes: Being neglected by her mother, Willis
  • Weapons: Teeth, claws, and brute strength