Crazy Pup is a pink Siberian Husky puppy obsessed with chainsaws. She's usually kind, but hates it when other pets use her pool without

Character ProfileEdit Edit

  • Affiliation: Bad
  • Home: Pocketville
  • Personality: Sneaky, suave, seductive, crafty, and crazy
  • Occupation: Hypnotist
  • Family: Acelin (father-in-law); Kean, Dogo, and Willis (brothers-in-law); and Lili and Foxy (sisters-in-law)
  • Allies: Sanda, D.C.O.M., the Pocketville villains, Willis (formerly), and Lili (formerly)
  • Enemies: William, Willis, Lili, and Princess Ava
  • Likes: Chainsaws
  • Dislikes: Starvation, danger, and snakes
  • Power: Hypnosis
  • Weapons: Teeth, claws, and chainsaws
  • Quotation: "It's like you said. You can't trust anyone!"; "Oh, who does he think he's fooling?"

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

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