Acelin is known for being courageous, friendly, headstrong, excitable, messy, and arrogant. He has little concern for his own safety and has proven to be irresponsible at times, partly due to his insatiable curiosity and bad habit of throwing caution to the wind.

Appearance Edit

Acelin has indigo blue fur, a red mane, red claws, sapphire eyes, and very toned muscles. 

History Edit

When Acelin was younger, he found enjoyment in beating up Danny and the rest of the Royal Guards, as well as anyone else who crossed his path while he was in a bad mood. As he grew older, however, he began to regret his past actions and revealed a softer side.

After reuniting with Don as an adult, Acelin's courage and determination to protect his family increased tenfold. Unfortunately, later in life, this drive caused him to become overprotective and arrogant at inopportune times.

Relationships Edit

  • Ember

Ember flirted with Acelin constantly, always going on about how they were going to get married and have lots of kids together. However, the day Ember met Magic, those fantasies went out the window. She never flirted with Acelin again after that, not that he minded in the least. The two are still friends to this day.

Character Profile Edit

  • Personality: Adventurous, fun-loving, confident, headstrong, understanding, cocky, daring, optimistic, overprotective, arrogant, courageous, judgmental, serious, clever, and a little strict.
  • Affiliation: Bad, then good.
  • Relatives: Acuzio (father - deceased), Ami (mother), Scar (uncle - deceased), Maurice (mother-in-law), Kean (son), Vendella (wife), Lili and Foxy (daughters), and Willis (son-in-law).
  • Allies: Everyone in Pocketville
  • Enemies: Pocketville villains
  • Likes: His Uncle Scar, chasing shadows and tennis balls, food, and getting what he wants.
  • Dislikes: Not getting his way and bullying.
  • Weapons: Sword, claws, teeth, and brute strength.

​Quotations Edit

  • "Pip, pip, cheerio!"
  • "Well, dear friends, since it is my choice, I think that we...should have a party!"
  • "Oh, for goodness' sake!"
  • "It's a ghost! Out of my way!"
  • "Oh, for the love of ice, another interruption?"
  • "Where's my pie?!" 
  • "I said, 'I'm busy!'"
  • "Intruders!"
  • "What did they say?"